Reclaiming the Sierra

Reclaiming the Sierra 2015

Reclaiming the Sierra 2015: The New Gold Rush will be held April 20-21, 2015 in Sacramento, California.

The Sierra Fund’s bi-annual conference, hosted at the heart of the glitter and devastation of what was California’s original Gold Rush, is the state’s primary venue for collaboration and action around addressing the ongoing effects of historic mining.

This outcomes-oriented event draws hundreds of participants who are leaders in their field including policymakers, landowning and regulatory agencies, scientific researchers, water quality experts, reclamation firms, mining companies, public health specialists, and environmental advocates.

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The Sierra Fund is a nonprofit community foundation dedicated to increasing investment in the natural resources and communities of the Sierra Nevada. In 2006 we launched our “Reclaiming the Sierra” Initiative to address the long term human health, environmental and cultural impacts of legacy mining in California. To learn more about The Sierra Fund,  visit our website