Reclaiming the Sierra

Save the Date: May 8-9, 2017

Reclaiming the Sierra 2017: Headwaters Resiliency

May 8-9, 2017

California State University, Sacramento

The Sierra Fund’s fourth biennial conference will provide a forum for leaders in science and policy to collaborate on a vision of headwaters management to promote the resiliency of natural and human resources in California’s altered landscapes and beyond.

Call for abstracts

The submission window for abstracts will open September 7, 2016. Consideration will be given to abstracts that address strategies for headwaters resiliency through cutting edge science, forward thinking policy and state of the art technology. Themes include the following:

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To view the Abstract Submission Guidelines, click here.

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The Sierra Fund is a nonprofit community foundation dedicated to increasing investment in the natural resources and communities of the Sierra Nevada. In 2006 we launched our “Reclaiming the Sierra” Initiative to address the long term human health, environmental and cultural impacts of legacy mining in California. To learn more about The Sierra Fund,  visit our website