Reclaiming the Sierra

2017 Conference

Reclaiming the Sierra 2017: Headwater Resiliency

May 8-9, 2017

California State University, Sacramento

Reclaiming the Sierra 2017 will focus on strategies to promote headwater resiliency with a vision of adaptive recovery for the environment and communities that are still blighted from centuries-old resource extraction. The event will showcase innovative perspectives related to the following conference themes:

Assessment and Abatement Strategies for Environmental Contaminants

This conference theme will examine the degree and extent of contaminated fish, air, soil and water from pollutants including mercury, arsenic and lead, and the implications for sensitive populations, Native peoples, and disadvantaged communities (DACs).

Keywords: mercury in fish; airborne particulate matter; severe fire; public health; disadvantaged and underserved communities; reducing involuntary exposure; fish consumption advisories; community outreach and education; environmental justice; mercury exposure pathways; beneficial use; Bay/Delta

Ecosystem Function and Resiliency

This conference theme will explore options for resource management in a changing climate, including restoring healthy forests and meadows, reservoir water storage capacity and longitudinal connectivity to support ecosystem function and resiliency in headwaters.

Keywords: reservoir management; volitional fish passage; healthy forests; meadow restoration; ecosystem services; species resiliency; integrated regional watershed management (IRWM) groups; multiple benefits; cost-benefit analysis; environmental flow regimes; dedicated instream flows

Polices to Promote Responsible Land Use and Management

This conference theme will explore policy opportunities to promote responsible land use and management through the adoption and implementation of practices that protect and restore headwater resiliency in the environment and in the communities of the Sierra Nevada.

Keywords: forest management, SMARA implementation; mine reclamation; environmental policy; responsible land use; Brownfields; assessment & due diligence

Reclaiming the Sierra 2017: Headwater Resiliency will provide a forum for leaders in science and policy to collaborate on a vision of headwater management to promote the resiliency of natural and human resources in California’s altered landscapes and beyond.

Since 2006, nonprofit organization The Sierra Fund has worked to address the ongoing environmental, cultural and human health impacts of historic mining in the Sierra Nevada. We support organizations and communities by increasing public and private funding, advocating for policy changes and bringing intellectual resources that build capacity to restore and protect the resiliency of California’s headwaters. To learn more about The Sierra Fund, visit our website