Reclaiming the Sierra

2020 Sponsors

California Department of Public Health

The California Department of Public Health (CDPH) works to protect the public’s health in the Golden State and helps shape positive health outcomes for individuals, families and communities.  CDPH public health professionals, researchers, scientists, doctors, nurses, and other staff­ members have a shared vision to protect and improve the health of all Californians. They are dedicated to public service and passionate about the work and the people and communities they serve and protect.

CA Depatment of Water Resources

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The mission of the Department of Water Resources (DWR) is to sustainably manage the water resources of California, in cooperation with other agencies, to benefit the state’s people and protect, restore, and enhance the natural and human environments. Established in 1956 by the California State Legislature, DWR protects, conserves, develops, and manages much of California’s water supply. This includes the State Water Project (SWP), the nation’s largest state-built water conveyance program.

Teichert Materials

Teichert Materials is a part of A. Teichert & Son, Inc. which was founded in Sacramento by Adolph Teichert in 1887. Teichert’s contractor license is #8, the oldest active contractor license in California. The Teichert company is based on core values that include commitments to quality, safety, and environmental responsibility. Teichert Materials operations and employees work closely with our neighbors, environmental experts, and public officials to design, operate, reclaim, and replenish the environment upon which we all depend. Teichert’s Hallwood Plant has actively operated in the Yuba Gold Fields since 1953 and offers examples of modern active gravel mining techniques, equipment, and award-winning active and complete mine reclamation.

Nevada Irrigation District

Nevada Irrigation District (NID) is a diversified water resource agency that supplies water to nearly 25,000 homes, farms and businesses in Nevada and Placer counties in the foothills of Northern California’s Sierra Nevada Mountains. NID’s Combie Reservoir Sediment and Mercury Removal Project demonstrates innovative recovery processes to reduce elemental mercury concentrations from dredged sediments.

cbec inc., eco engineering

cbec inc., eco engineering was founded in 2007 and specializes in eco engineering, a term that refers to the practice of water resources engineering in ways that provide ecologically-sensitive and environmentally-sustainable solutions in the fields of hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology, water quality, and restoration / rehabilitation design. cbec staff has extensive expertise in stream and river floodplain restoration, process-based watershed assessments, sediment management, water quality monitoring, salmonid habitat restoration, multi-objective floodplain management, and creation of innovative solutions for water resources challenges. We focus primarily on stream, river and wetland environments, and, wherever possible, we develop solutions by working from the watershed scale down to the sub-reach scale. cbec personnel includes professionals who have been leaders in riverine ecosystem restoration for decades, and younger staff with recently-earned degrees and expertise in using state-of-the art technology. cbec’s project reach is vast, with headquarters in West Sacramento and offices throughout California, as well as in Oregon, Utah, Indiana, Virginia, and Mississippi.

East Bay Municipal Utility District

East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) has a proud history of providing high-quality drinking water for 1.4 million customers in Alameda and Contra Costa counties. The District’s award-winning wastewater treatment protects San Francisco Bay and serves 685,000 customers. EBMUD’s mission is to manage the natural resources entrusted into District it’s care; to provide reliable, high-quality water and wastewater services at fair and reasonable rates for the people of the East Bay; and to preserve and protect the environment for future generations.

Mining & Metallurgical Society of America

The Mining and Metallurgical Society of America (MMSA) is a professional organization that provides leadership and fosters collaboration on the complex challenges facing the mining and minerals industry.

Since its inception in 1908, MMSA has offered guidance on policy issues ranging from the protection of workers and investors, to the responsible development of mineral resources on public lands. MMSA activities include testifying before Congress, advising government agencies, and convening forums such as the Minerals for a Green Society Symposium and the ongoing Abandoned Mine Land Summits focused on advancing Good Samaritan legislation to improve landscapes impacted by historical mining.

MMSA supports programs that increase public awareness and understanding of mining and why mined materials are essential to society and human well-being. Donations have funded student scholarships, provided educational resources to teachers, and sponsored an Oral History Series of minerals industry ‘notables’ prepared by the University of California Berkeley.

McCord Environmental, Inc.

Based in Davis, California, McCord Environmental, Inc. (MEI) supports agencies, municipalities, and non-profit organizations managing water quality regionally, statewide, and internationally. President Stephen McCord has over 20 years of consulting, research, and teaching/training experience addressing water quality issues. Over the past decade, Dr. McCord has led water quality modeling, monitoring, assessment, and planning projects in rivers, deltas, and bays throughout California. A particular area of focus is mercury pollution – conceptual and mass balance models, TMDLs, trading programs, abandoned mine site cleanups, strategic plans, and stakeholder group facilitation.

South Yuba River Citizens League

The South Yuba River Citizens League (SYRCL – pronounced circle) was founded in 1983 by grassroots activists determined to protect the South Yuba River from dams. Ultimately, SYRCL won permanent protections for 39 miles of the South Yuba River under California’s Wild and Scenic Rivers Act.

Today, SYRCL is the central hub of community activism to protect, restore, and celebrate the Yuba River watershed. With over 33 years of achievements, 3,500 members and 1,500 active volunteers, SYRCL is doing great things for the Yuba watershed. We are working to restore wild salmon to their native waters. We are replanting the banks of the Goldfields with trees. We are inspiring activism across the globe with our environmental film festival. Together, we are extending our powerful coalition from the Sierra to the sea

Sierra Nevada Alliance

Since 1993, the Sierra Nevada Alliance has been protecting and restoring Sierra lands, water, wildlife, and communities. The Sierra Nevada Alliance exists to elevate and support Sierra ecosystems and communities. Our mission is to serve as a hub for stewardship of the Sierra Nevada, which we achieve by empowering and collaborating with our partners. Our vision is for every Sierra ecosystem and community to be healthy, resilient, and collectively cared for through thriving partnerships, as a legacy for future generations.

The Sierra Fund is currently seeking sponsorship for our Headwater Mercury Source Reduction (HMSR) Implementation Workshops. Please click the link here for more information on sponsorship opportunities.

If you are interested in sponsoring our 2020 HMSR Workshops, please contact The Sierra Fund’s CEO, Izzy Martin, at