Reclaiming the Sierra

“Mercury Safe” Label for Fish and Menus

December 16, 2010

To promote healthy alternatives to high-mercury fish, create a recognizable “Mercury Safe” label that could be added to the packaging of fish that are store bought, or could appear on restaurant menus to help consumers make good choices.

Hire Local Contractors for Assessment and Cleanup

December 16, 2010

When state and federal funding comes into our communities to assess and clean up legacy mining contamination, qualified local firms should be given preference.  In this way, the communities most affected by this historic contamination will be most involved, and human health, the environment AND the economy will benefit from cleanup.

Signs on Trails with Naturally Occurring Asbestos

December 15, 2010

People using trails – especially OHV trails where a lot of dust can be generated – need to be aware of whether they may be exposed to naturally occurring asbestos (NOA).  Naturally occurring asbestos is already mapped in many places, so a desktop exercise could be performed to learn which trails intersect with known NOA. […]