Reclaiming the Sierra

Workshop: Best Management Practices & Stimulating New Technologies

This workshop was held at The Sierra Fund’s annual conference “Reclaiming the Sierra: A Community Summit on Mining Impacts” November 8-9, 2010 in Nevada City, California.

Workshop Notes

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Synopsis: This panel will discuss how to define and stimulate best management practices for mine remediation activities and facilities maintenance that are protective of the greater ecosystem, food chain and downstream communities.   New technologies are critical to developing the tools to monitor impacts and long term benefits.  Facilitator Dr. Alice Rich, AA Rich & Associates.

Victor Izzo, Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board: RWQCB’s responsibility to protect and preserve  water quality  in watersheds with abandoned mines, as well as challenges and needs

Dr. Charles Alpers, US Geological Survey: Fate and transport of contaminants in a watershed  with abandoned mines, and their potential impacts on the aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems

Tom Parilo, Nevada Irrigation District: The new technology for removal of mercury from sediment in NID’s Combie Reservoir