Reclaiming the Sierra

Workshop: Talking about Local Fish Advisories in Sierra Clinics

This workshop was held at The Sierra Fund’s annual conference “Reclaiming the Sierra: A Community Summit on Mining Impacts” held November 8-9, 2010 in Nevada City, California.

Workshop Notes

Synopsis: This workshop explores how to reach out to medical doctors to increase their awareness of the very serious health problems associated with eating mercury contaminated fish, and to urge the inclusion of this information in their work with especially pregnant and nursing mothers. Facilitator Peter Van Zant.

Click on the speaker below to see their presentation (if available)

Jane Hightower, MD: Health effects of mercury consumption, current mercury consumption limits and how they need to be changed, and what doctors can tell their patients

Becky Damazo, CSU, Chico: Experiences at Sierra clinics and the recently completed pilot test of an Environmental Health History survey (this presentation also available as a Prezi)

Sherri Norris, California Indian Environmental Alliance: CIEA’s activities and their new Mercury Toolkit for clinic staff