Reclaiming the Sierra

2012 Agenda

Reclaiming the Sierra 2012 was a three day conference, held in Nevada City, CA May 3-5, 2012. 

Thursday, May 3 featured a full schedule of technical presentations on current developments in the environmental science, policy and human health fields pertaining to abandoned mines, including:

  • Opening Speaker Mark Nechodom, Director of CA Department of Conservation
  • Policy and Legal Workshop:  this 2.5 hour session, included a one hour presentation on CA mining law and CEQA pertaining to new and abandoned mines, and other hot policy topics including 1872 Mining Law reform
  • Healthcare Professionals Workshop:  this 2.5 hour workshop included a one hour CME/CNE training on mercury in fish, and a study of fish consumption at Sierra Nevada reservoirs, and a presentation on the Pediatric Environmental Health Toolkit available from PSR
  • Pre-tour Presentations:  a half hour technical presentation associated with each of the case studies featured on the Friday, May 4 tours
  • Presentations and panel discussion on inter-agency coordination around abandoned mine lands
  • Students presented posters during lunch
  • Ongoing conference exhibits included vendors, agencies and student poster exhibition
  • No-host evening reception

Friday, May 4 consisted of technical tours, allowing us to experience key examples firsthand, a film session, and an evening networking reception and awards ceremony:

Saturday, May 5 featured workshops for community members concerned about how abandoned mines affect them, and an inter-disciplinary discussion of “Green $olutions,” creative scientific and policy strategies to bring new funding to clean up abandoned mines.  

  • Green $olutions Workshop:  presentations and discussion of responsible mining practices, creating a market for responsibly produced products, and ways to clean up legacy toxins that will pay for themselves
  • Community Workshops:  presentations by local experts on practical ways community members can protect their health while living in a region severely impacted by abandoned mines
  • Student poster awards presentation (at lunch)

* The Sierra Fund certifies that the application for this activity (for one hour CLE) has been approved by the State Bar of California.