Reclaiming the Sierra

2012 Poster Session

Reclaiming the Sierra 2012: Green $olutions for Abandoned Mines featured a student poster exhibition and competition. Posters were judged at the event and first, second and third prize awards given.

Posters were sought that address topics such as:

  • Legacy mining toxins including arsenic, lead, asbestos and mercury
  • Mining impacts on water quality, ecosystems, wildlife and habitat
  • Research on remediation technologies for various mining problems
  • Fate and transport of mining toxins in the environment
  • Environmentally and socially responsible mining
  • Community engagement case studies and successful techniques
  • Impacts of legacy mining on human health
  • Public health awareness to mining related exposure
  • Policy alternatives related to mercury, or mine remediation
  • Tribal partnerships and community impacts
  • Physical hazards, mine closures and at risk groups
  • Developing new markets for clean California gold, gravel and soil

The deadline for poster abstracts has passed.  

Posters should include graphs and figures, photos, abstract, project background, key findings and/or trends, discussion and conclusions/recommendations. All figures and tables should be labeled with captions that describe their relevance to project. Label axes and provide units! Posters dimensions must be 36 inches high by 58 inches wide.