Reclaiming the Sierra

Forsgren Associates, Inc.

June 12, 2019

FA Logo 2945 Final newAt Forsgren Associates, Inc., we solve problems.

Our innovative scientists and engineers foster understanding and bridge political gaps between project proponents, agencies, and stakeholders in order to expedite critical infrastructure and environmentally responsible resource development projects.

We support our clients on all or discrete phases of their projects, from:

  • Local conceptual planning to authoring large-scale IRWMPs;
  • Grant application assistance to consulting on comprehensive rate studies;
  • Securing simple permits to navigating complicated regulatory processes;
  • Engineering small pipelines to planning and engineering regional wastewater infrastructure; and
  • Serving as city and district engineer to providing project management for mineral exploration and development efforts across the western U.S.

Our 50 years of experience managing a wide range of projects throughout the west has cultivated our ability to successfully tackle and deliver projects that are complicated, politically charged, and technically-challenging. Our multi-disciplinary team is responsive, communicative, and ready.

What can we do for you?