Reclaiming the Sierra

Golden Queen Mining Company, LLC

December 10, 2016

Golden Queen Mining Company, LLC operates a gold and silver mining operation on Soledad Mountain in Kern County California.  The operation is a traditional open-pit mine with drilling, blasting, loading, and truck haulage.  Processing consists of crushing and screening and subsequent loading of ore on a leach pad.  The leaching process consists of irrigation with dilute cyanide solution and the utilization of the Merrill-Crowe process to produce high-quality gold and silver dorĂ© bars.  The dorĂ© is shipped off site for further refining before it is sold.  All aspects and facilities of the leaching operation are sufficient to contain a 1,000-yr. storm event.  Golden Queen Mining Co., LLC is committed to protecting the environment, preventing pollution and safeguarding the health, safety and welfare of those who work at or visit our sites in a manner that is respectful of local laws.