Reclaiming the Sierra

HMSR Workshop, Spring 2020

Reclaiming the Sierra

Headwater Mercury Source Reduction Workshop, Spring 2020

An all day event focused on Hydraulic Mines and Mine Features and Mercury in Forest and Land Management

May 14, 2020

The HMSR Implementation Workshop in Spring of 2020 included a day of presentations held electronically via Zoom. Click the link here for select presentations.

Two of TSF’s four strategic targets for addressing headwater sources of mercury were explored at the Workshop:

  1. Hydraulic Mines and Mine Features: Hydraulic mines and mine features include denuded landscapes prone to erosion and tunnels once used as sluices. These features continue to be sources of mercury-contaminated sediment to streams and rivers. Experts will discuss methods to inventory, rank and prioritize, and remediate mercury sources in the headwaters.
  2. Mercury in Forest and Land Management: Multi-benefit forest health projects include hydraulic mine remediation to reduce erosion of sediment and mercury from mine-scarred lands. The chemical and physical hazards associated with legacy hydraulic mines add a new dimension to traditional forest management practices. Experts will discuss federal land management objectives and how they interface with mercury fate and transport, forest health, and fuels reduction.