Reclaiming the Sierra


Do you live near an abandoned mine?  Do you eat fish you or someone you know catches?  Do you know who lived in your area before the Gold Rush?  Have you ever heard the word methylation, bioavailability, or (new to us this year) glutithion?

Outreach is a two-way street.  The more you know about abandoned mines, the better choices you can make.  On the other hand, the more you tell us about your questions, concerns, and ideas, the more effective we can all be in learning about the problems and creating solutions.

The Sierra Fund, through our Reclaiming the Sierra Initiative, is conducting a many-faceted outreach program to bring the most current information, and build the voice of those most affected by mining toxins—indigenous peoples, low income families, recreationists, and those who live, work and play in the Sierra.  We do this through direct, in-person meetings, a dynamic, interactive website (you’re looking at it!), facilitating community input in agency cleanup projects, and coordinating the efforts of the many different people working on this issue.

Thanks for being involved this far!  Want to learn more?

  • Outreach Committee of the Mining Toxins Working Group:  This committee advises our outreach strategy.  Click here for the Committee’s mission, goals and more.
  • What we’re doing:  the Outreach Committee’s workplan
  • Tools and resources
  • Actions—get involved!