Reclaiming the Sierra


People throughout the Sierra, and all Californians, are affected by toxins from historic mining in our land and our water.  This issue is not politically contentious—just invisible to many policymakers.

We need more funding and key changes in policies and regulations in order to stimulate research, action and more public information about abandoned mine impacts.

The Sierra Fund, through our Reclaiming the Sierra Initiative, is working to educate citizens and policymakers about the ongoing effects of historic mining, so that California’s longest neglected pollution finally gets addressed.  We support more funding for agencies charged with protecting human health and the environment, and revision of policy and regulations to encourage responsible cleanup.

Tell our decision makers, public health and environmental agencies to support funding, public information and needed policy changes to address this issue.

Ready to learn more and join us? (links coming soon)

  • Public Policy Committee of the Mining Toxins Working Group:  This committee advises our policy actions.  Click here for the Committee’s mission, goals and more.
  • What we know
  • People’s Budget for Mining Cleanup
  • What we’re doing:  the Policy Committee’s workplan
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