Reclaiming the Sierra


High quality, unbiased scientific methods need to be the foundation for all public information, research, policy actions, and cleanup activities.  Research still needs to be done about many topics associated with abandoned mine cleanup—like:

  • Current impacts to water quality, wildlife, and ecosystems
  • The most important areas to clean up
  • The best methods for cleanup
  • Innovative new technologies to achieve better results

The Sierra Fund, through our Reclaiming the Sierra Initiative, is working to identify and find funding for needed research, conduct pilot studies that will stimulate comprehensive research, encourage new technologies, and coordinate expert advisors of our Working Group to provide input on model cleanup projects so the best process can be used for other projects throughout the Sierra.

Ready to learn more? (links coming soon)

  • Science and Technology Committee of the Mining Toxins Working Group:  This committee advises our technical activities.  Click here for the Committee’s mission, goals and more.
  • What we’re doing:  the Science and Technology Committee’s workplan
  • Tools and resources
  • Actions—get involved!