Reclaiming the Sierra

TSF’s health outreach campaign: Community Meeting in Nevada City on Oct 8

September 4, 2013

The Sierra Fund’s pilot health campaign has now brought information about mercury in fish, and how to advise patients, to doctors and nurses from nine clinics and public health offices in the northern Sierra.  Most recently, we provided two continuing medical education courses to health professionals in Grass Valley with participation from both the county public health staff, and local clinics.

Coming up on October 8, 2013 will be a Community Meeting to bring information about fish contamination and other heavy metals to the interested public – this meeting will be held at the Nevada City Veterans Hall, from 7-9pm.  Topics will include the USGS/BLM project to assess legacy mercury contamination on Deer Creek near the existing Tribute Trail bridge, and new USGS study results about mercury in fish from Hirschman’s Pond.  Contact our Community Outreach Coordinator Amber Taxiera for more details, or if your organization is interested in co-sponsoring.

Similar community meetings are being planned for Quincy, Auburn and Downieville.