Reclaiming the Sierra

Health Outreach Program

The Sierra Fund’s health outreach program aims to raise awareness about the presence of legacy mining pollution in California’s environment, and ways to reduce human exposure to this historic pollution. 

A century of aggressive mining in California, starting with the Gold Rush, left behind millions of pounds of mercury in the environment.  Mining activities also disturbed and distributed naturally occurring toxins including arsenic, lead and asbestos, leaving them much more available for human exposure.  For more information on these health risks, see the HEALTH section of this website. 

The Sierra Fund is working to bring information about this issue to doctors, nurses, public health officials, and other healthcare professionals who serve clients that may be at risk of exposure to this historic pollution. Working with the California Indian Environmental Alliance, we are hosting free trainings for medical professionals (with CME credit available) about mercury in the human body, and how to advise patients about their mercury exposures.  If you are interested in attending a training, or having a special presentation to the staff at your clinic or organization, please contact our Outreach Coordinator Amber Taxiera.

We also work to bring this information directly to the public, through outreach at health fairs, community events, and public presentations.  If you know an event we should attend, or if you would like more information, please contact our Outreach Coordinator Amber Taxiera

This outreach program is made possible by grants from The California Wellness Foundation, the Cliff Bar Family Foundation, and the US EPA Environmental Justice Small Grants Program.