Reclaiming the Sierra

Sacramento River Watershed Program

December 7, 2016

Founded in 1996, the Sacramento River Watershed Program (SRWP) brings together dozens of groups and thousands of people, concerned about the health of the Sacramento River and its watershed. By partnering with organizations and agencies throughout the region, SRWP provides a forum for watershed stakeholders to share information, measure cumulative progress, and maintain a shared vision for the Sacramento River Watershed. Serving as a regional organization, SRWP offers support to partners throughout the entire 27,000 square-mile watershed from the Oregon border to the Bay-Delta.

SRWP operates through consensus-based collaborative partnerships, coordination of research and monitoring, and enhancing mutual education among the stakeholders of the Sacramento River Watershed. It works to support and preserve the integrity of local efforts and strives to resolve watershed issues with local participation and a watershed-wide perspective. The SRWP also helps disseminate information about the watershed and build the case for why investment is critical for maintaining a resilient and long-term water supply for rural prosperity and economic vitality.

SRWP is recognized by local and State agencies as a role model for regional watershed programs and participates in a variety of meetings and events to serve as a voice for local groups and ensure the inclusion of local watershed management activities in regional and statewide plans. SRWP works to promote the importance of collaborative efforts as they provide the foundation for implementation of important watershed projects that improve watershed health and demonstrate the linkages between the landscape and management in upstream areas and impacts on the downstream water availability, quality, and inundation.