Reclaiming the Sierra

Suction Dredge Regulatory Reform Update

June 23, 2011

<p style=”text-align: left;”><strong>23 June 2011, SACRAMENTO – </strong>Suction  Dredge regulations have been under review by the CA Department of Fish and Game  for almost two years now.  The Sierra  Fund and partners at Friends of the River, the Karuk Tribe, and many more, have  been participating in the process of providing public comment on the rules that  the Department proposed as part of their Environmental Impact Review and  rule-making process.  We provided  detailed information about the significant and unavoidable environmental  impacts that their proposed regulations would allow, and pointed out many  substantial areas where the documents were inadequate.</p>
<p style=”text-align: left;”>Earlier this  spring, leadership on the Assembly and Senate Resources Budget Subcommittee cut  funding for Department of Fish and Game’s suction dredge permitting program  until a regulatory system is in place that does not cause significant  environmental harm and a proposed fee structure to cover costs of running the  program.  This language is in AB 120, the  “budget trailer bill” that passed June 15 alongside the budget.  The budget was vetoed June 16 in the morning  – but that veto does not apply to AB 120.    AB 120 is currently been sent for “engrossing and enrolling.”  Watch this page for news.</p>