Reclaiming the Sierra

The Sierra Fund’s Mercury Health Summit a Success

May 7, 2014

Last week, The Sierra Fund hosted a free public event, “Mercury and Human Health: An informational summit on the impacts of mercury exposure through fish consumption” in the California State Capitol Building.  Attendees included medical doctors, public health experts, policymakers and others.  The keynote speaker for the event was Dr. Jane Hightower, a San Francisco […]

Like it or not: Mercury threat exists in Gold Country fish – response to the Union opinion column

June 11, 2013

The Sierra Fund’s fully referenced response to The Union 6/7/2013 guest column “Concern about mercury overblown” A recent opinion voiced by Robert S. Shoemaker in the Union newspaper deceptively stated, “Very small amounts of mercury have been found in fish” – he is correct about that, but it is also true that it takes only […]

EPA Finalizes California’s List of Polluted Waters, mercury in Sierra fish is a main concern

November 7, 2011

The following is excerpted from the 10/11/11 EPA Region 9 press release For more information, contact: Nahal Mogharabi, For a local analysis of this information by the Union newspaper, see article below: “Many county waterways contain unsafe levels of mercury in fish” Trends Include 170% Increase In Toxicity Listings Since 2006 SAN FRANCISCO, 11 […]

USEPA approves Delta Methylmercury TMDL, stakeholder meeting on Nov 10

November 7, 2011

From: Central Valley Regional Water Quality Control Board (CVRWQCB) On 20 October 2011, the US Environmental Protection Agency approved the Delta Mercury Control Program (new fish tissue objectives, and TMDLs for the Delta and Yolo Bypass). The EPA approval date establishes the Effective Date of the Basin Plan amendment. The Basin Plan amendment contains actions […]

New study by Dr. Hightower and Prof. Brown shows high mercury in fish jerky

October 31, 2011

From Central Valley Business Times 31 October 2011 – Concentrations of mercury have been discovered in some fish jerky that averaged five times the U.S. government action levels, according to research at California State University, Chico. The mercury research was conducted by physician Jane Hightower of San Francisco, author of the book, “Diagnosis Mercury: Money, […]